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TGI Fridays and ReviewPush started their relationship in July 2014, when TGI Fridays reached out to ReviewPush in hopes of driving more traffic to their website to acquire a higher number of 5-star reviews from guests, while tackling the negative reviews both rapidly and appropriately.
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TGI Friday’s needed to increase site traffic on their local restaurant pages to enhance the quality of their reviews.

Throughout the day, any current or potential customer can browse the internet and share their comments or concerns regarding any of TGI Fridays franchise locations, potentially leaving a negative review with valid concerns. TGI Fridays recognized the importance of collecting more reviews from their current customers, and also saw the importance of responding to any negative reviews to counter any issue that may have occurred. On the same note, they realized those who were having great experiences likely weren’t sharing them online.

Before ReviewPush, the 25 franchised TGI Fridays locations were seeing an average of 42 5-star reviews per month. Thanks to the power of ReviewPush’s management tools and their ability to engage customers, TGI Fridays saw this number increase to around 200 5-star reviews per month.

The 3 main goals TGI Fridays came to ReviewPush with were:

  1. Gather internal reviews from in-house customers

  2. Acquire more 5-star reviews on the web

  3. Be alerted of and respond to negative reviews with ease

Streamlining Feedback and Creating an Accessible Platform to Leave Reviews

Before TGI Fridays’ 25 franchise locations partnered with ReviewPush, they were seeing minimal reviews posted from both new and frequenting customers, and were unable to keep up with and respond to pesky negative reviews. This wasn’t due to a lack of concern on their part, but rather a lack in notifications to alert them when a review of any kind was posted.

In mid 2014, TGI Fridays joined forces with ReviewPush to enhance the quality of reviews on behalf of 25 TGI Fridays’ franchise locations, and also to acquire the ability to respond to negative reviews with the utmost ease and efficiency, thus providing a higher quality of customer experience. To do so, ReviewPush formulated a proactive approach alongside TGI Fridays to:

  • Create text message landing pages for in-house customers to leave reviews while dining

  • Receive notifications when new reviews are posted

  • Manage the online reputation of 25 franchises by utilizing text responses to reviews

The Strategy

In order to check off their task list, TGI Fridays sought out ReviewPush in July of 2014. Upon the creation of this partnership, the team at ReviewPush sat down with TGI Fridays for a one-hour demonstration to show them how to use the system. During this process, ReviewPush’s team shared insights and best practices, such as:

  1. Asking for feedback while guests are still partaking in their dining experience

  2. Creating pages to direct guests to that records feedback internally and for third party review sites

  3. Generating responses to questions and concerns left via reviews

Exponential Results

TGI Fridays can pull reports to manage each of their franchised locations, allowing constant insight into each location’s performance and also the state of client relationships. By doing so, TGI Fridays was able to stay in constant communication with their customers, opening up the door to request immediate feedback while dining. This enabled TGI Fridays to review and respond to any concerns, and thank valued customers for their time and choice in dining establishments.

When they were ramping up with ReviewPush, TGI Fridays initially had 42 5-star Google reviews in September of 2016. After implementing ReviewPush’s landing pages and text messaging technology, they received 210 5-star reviews in September of 2017. Since joining forces with ReviewPush, TGI Fridays has seen an increase in the number of positive reviews they’ve received from customers, thanks to their ability to immediately address customer’s concerns and other valuable feedback via means of short text codes that guests can utilize from the convenience of their tables.

Internal 5 star reviews
Increase of Google 5 star reviews

Thanks to their use of landing pages and the text message feature on the ReviewPush dashboard , TGI Fridays was able to increase the number of 5-star ratings they received on Google, Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor from 100 in September of 2016 to 285 in September of 2017. Thanks to the short text message codes and the landing pages they direct customers to, TGI Fridays saw  This also allowed for higher placement on Google searches, bringing in their target customers with simplicity.

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