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Un-lock the Power of Verified Reviews

We take a holistic approach to getting the most out of your customer reviews.

Pure Automation

With a direct POS connection, we do all of the heavy lifting.

Quick & Easy

We take a simplified approach to make it easier to capture more reviews.

More Conversions

More reviews means more data to analyze and more reviews to promote.

Track Trends

Better understand the voice of your customer by tracking keyword trends and ratings.

Discover Blind Spots

With more review data you’ll have the ability to find blind spots and identify problem areas.

Identify Signals

Keep a close eye on positive and negative signals.

Respond Quickly

We make it easy to quickly respond to your customer reviews.

Engage Properly

Our filter feature allows you to engage with higher priority customer feedback.

Resolve Smoothly

Reduce negative experiences by engaging and resolving quickly.

Show Proof

Attract new customers by showcasing great reviews on your website and social media.

Build Trust

Earn the trust of future customers by displaying verified reviews.

Attract More Customers

Improve sales by increasing trust and showcasing great reviews.

We Connect Directly to Your POS

By connecting directly to your POS we automate the entire review collection process to save you time and maximize results.

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