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Palm Beach Tan

Palm Beach Tan, the nation’s largest indoor tanning provider, utilizes ReviewPush to monitor their various local branches online presence and increase traffic to each of their location’s websites. Palm Beach Tan and ReviewPush started their relationship in 2015, when Palm Beach Tan reached out to ReviewPush in hopes of driving more traffic to their local branches websites and acquiring more reviews on Google.
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Palm Beach Tan needed to increase site traffic on their local salons pages and enhance the quality of their reviews.

Throughout the day, any current or potential customer can browse the internet and share their comments or concerns regarding any of Palm Beach Tan’s hundreds of locations, potentially leaving a negative review with valid concerns. Palm Beach Tan recognized the importance of responding to these reviews to counter any issue that may have occurred. On the same note, they realized those who were having great experiences likely weren’t sharing them online.

Before ReviewPush, over 400 of Palm Beach Tan’s locations were seeing an average of 30 reviews per week. Thanks to the power of ReviewPush’s review request system, Palm Beach Tan saw this number increase to about 470 reviews per week.

The 4 main goals Palm Beach Tan came to ReviewPush with were:

  1. To Respond to more negative reviews

  2. Acquire more positive reviews 

  3. Increase traffic on local salon pages

  4. Increase star ratings on Google

“ReviewPush helped streamline our process to be more efficient because it allows us direct access to the data for immediate purposes and archived use later. This is an invaluable resource to have when managing a sizable amount of accounts at the corporate and franchise level.”
Meredith Kirkland
Account Coordinator

Streamlining The Feedback Process and Acquiring Site Traffic With Customizable Solutions

Before Palm Beach Tan partnered with ReviewPush, they were seeing dismal amounts of reviews being published, and were unable to keep up with and respond to negative reviews. This isn’t due to a lack of concern on their part, but rather lacking the alerts that notify them when a negative review is posted.

In mid 2014, Palm Beach Tan joined forces with ReviewPush to enhance the quality of reviews on Palm Beach Tan’s various locations’ sites, and also to acquire more positive reviews that they could publish on their websites, thus driving site traffic upward. To do so, ReviewPush formulated a proactive game plan. 

  • Create and distribute Email campaigns on behalf of Palm Beach Tan

  • Embed review feeds on their various local salon sites

  • Setup Email alerts to be notified when negative reviews are posted both internally and on third party review sites

  • Improve local search engine optimization (SEO) and manage their online reputation through one singular, customizable dashboard

The Strategy

In order to check off their task list, Palm Beach Tan sought out ReviewPush in July of 2014. Upon the creation of this partnership, the team at ReviewPush sat down with Palm Beach Tan for a one-hour demonstration to show them how to use the system. During this process, ReviewPush’s team shared insights and best practices, such as:

  • Creating feedback emails to be automatically distributed after a customer visits a local salon. This allows the salon to view feedback prior to sending them to a third-party review site, enabling them to combat issues prior to the entire internet seeing what they were. This also allows positive feedback to shine on their website, as Palm Beach Tan was able to decide what ratings from their feedback emails would be sent to their review feed on each local site.

  • Setting up Email alerts as reviews come in both internally and on third party review sites. This allowed Palm Beach Tan to respond to negative reviews as they came in, taking a proactive approach to potentially troubling situations. This shows potential customers that Palm Beach Tan values customer input and their experiences with the salon.

  • Embed review feeds on various Palm Beach Tan local salon sites that are built with a markup, which allows the average rating and review count to appear on local searches. markups are used for HTML pages in ways that are recognized by major search engines such as Google and Bing, improving the display of search results so that people find the right sites. In this case, it was put into place to drive SEO and site traffic for Palm Beach Tan’s local salon pages.

  • Increased the number of 5 star reviews on Google results by setting a daily check for data, a part of the dashboard that checks various review sites as many times a day as the client wishes. In the case of Palm Beach Tan, they had it set up to check once a day, allowing the team to combat negative reviews first hand, and showcase the 5-star reviews they were getting, thanking the customers either way for their input directly from the dashboard or the alert email/text notification.

Exponential Results

Palm Beach Tan can pull reports to manage each of their Palm Beach Tan locations, allowing constant insight into each location’s performance and also the state of client relationships. By doing so, Palm Beach Tan was able to stay in constant communication with their customers, allowing them to request feedback reports from them. This enabled Palm Beach Tan to embed review feeds onto their local pages, initially implemented in October of 2015.

Once they embedded this feed, they saw an increase from 12 reviews throughout September of 2015 to to 759 reviews in October of 2015, the same month they implemented a review feed on their local sites. Over the coming months, they saw an increase in the number of positive reviews, thanks to their ability to immediately address customer’s concerns and other valuable feedback.MMG sees the value of customer reviews clearer with ReviewPush. As part of their annual franchisee conference, MMG presented awards to the highest rated store locations. They also plan to feature customer reviews on the homepage of each business location during their next site re-design.

overall increase in 5 star reviews
increase in positive reviews over 6 months

Thanks to their email campaigns and embedded review feeds on their sites, Palm Beach Tan was able to increase the number of 5-star ratings they received and improved their number of positive reviews for their various Palm Beach Tan locations. This also allowed for higher placement on Google searches which in turn increased organic page views to their local sites.

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